1400°C Chamber Muffle Furnace STM-14

  • Integrated Structure with elegant design.
  • Chamber Materials: Vacuum-forming ceramic fiber, which has the advantage of no powder drops off at high temperature, and saving energy more than 50%.
  • SHIMADEN (Japan) Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control provides optimum thermal
  • Long life type S thermocouple.
  • CE compliant.
  • Built-in RS485 port and USB adaptor as optional settings for computer control. It needs to add extra fees.


STM 14
heating element


Model STM-3-14 STM-8-14 STM-12-14 STM-18-14 STM-27-14 STM-36-14 OEM
Inner Dimmensin (WxDxH)mm 150x150x150 200x200x200 200x300x200 250x300x250 300*300*300 300x400x300 Any size
Outer Dimension (WxDxH)mm 490x530x750 575x580x825 590x680x835 610x700x860 650*670*900 650x770x900  
Type Benchtop
Furnace structure Alumina Ceramic Chamber, Temperature control system, Heating element, Furnace shell, Main Electric Parts and other relative accessories
Max temperature 1400℃
Continue Temp. 1300℃
Power supply 220V/3KW 220V/5KW 220V/5KW 220V/6KW 380V/9KW 380V/12KW  
Heating element High quality Silicon Carbide Rod ( SIC) heater
Chamber material High temperature 1500 Type polycrystal alumina ceramic fiber material
Temp  precision ±1℃
Thermocouple S type
Temp controller SHIMADEN (Japan) brand intelligent microcomputer PID controller can program 4 groups 32 segments
Electronic Parts SCHNAIDER (France ) electronics brand
Heating rate ≤ 25℃/min ( suggest 15℃/min for longer life using of furnace )
Safety protection Overheat and thermocouple-break alarm
Certification ISO9001 CE SGS
Furnace shell High quality cold-rolled steel sheets CNC processing
Insulation High quality thermal insulation material to ensure a good uniformity
Accessories One pair of high temperature gloves , One pair of crucible tong , one catalog and operation manual
Optional Paperless  recorder , Stainless steel exhaust chimney , Quartz /Alumina crucible