HBDV-2 320-320000000mPa·s High Viscosity Viscometer

The viscometer is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity is the physical quantity that indicates the internal friction of the fluid when it flows. It is the ability of the fluid to resist deformation. It is an important index to identify some finished products or semi-finished products.

Options of HBDV-2 Digital Viscometer

  1. Extreme low viscometer adapter (with one spindle L0)
  2. Small sample adapter (with spindle 21, 27, 28 and 29 each)
  3. Spindle R1
  4. Temperature-controlled heater (with spindle 21, 27, 28 and 29 each)
  5. Special software that can complete the function in collecting the data automatically
  6. DV program control download software
  7. Specially used printer

Parameters of the Product

Model HBDV-2
Measuring Range(mPa·s) 320~320,000,000
Rotating Speed (RPM) 0.1 ~ 200 (Stepless Gear)
Number of Spindles Spindles (Code R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7) are equipped with the product
Accuracy ±1% full scale range in use
Repeatability ±0.5% full scale range in use
Readability 1.when viscosity is lower than 10.0 cp : 0.01
2.when viscosity is lower than 10000 cp: 0.1
3.when viscosity is equal or higher than 10000 cp: 1
Power Power adapter ( Input: 100-240V,50/60Hz)
LCD screen display The LCD screen can display the viscosity, speed, torque spindle, temperature,shear rate, shear force and the maximum viscosity can be measured in the current spindle speed value.

Apparatus to be Equipped

. Digital viscosity meter 1 pce · Ascending and falling rack 1 set
. Standard spindle 1 set · Power adapter 1 pce
· Protective frame of spindle 1 pce · Spanner 1 pce
· Seat and leveling feet 1 set . RS232 standard output interface 1 pce
. RTD temperature probe 1 pce    


Product Display

HBDV-2 320-320000000mPa·s High Viscosity Viscometer

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