DW-TC220 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

DW-TC220 is the smallest discrete and fully automatic Auto BIO-CHEMISTRY ANALYZER, with the concentrated mini portable model with a fully functional chemistry analyzer for clinic fundamental diagnosis.

Features of DW-TC220Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

  • Intellective software

Automatic washing cuvette when startup & shut down

Automatic detect reagent volume during every startup

  • Dynamic and Real-time display of running status

Real-time online monitoring running status of the sample tray, reagent tray, and cuvette

Real-time online monitoring of reagent residual volume

Real-time online monitoring of waste volume

  • Automatic dilute and re-test

Automatic dilute and re-test when absorbance range is out of range

Automatic dilute and re-test when the linear limit is out of range

  • Optimal substitution of semi-auto biochemistry analyzer

Utility of reagents decreased: 300ul/test

Efficiency speed:  200 tests/hourUser friendly: Smart and easy-operating software High Accuracy: Minimal operating/random errors

  • Calibration

Calibration: linear/nonlinear multi-point calibration

Re-test: retest the sample automatically when the result is out of the linearity range or the sample is not sufficient

Specifications of DW-TC220Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Sample/Reagent Position 18pcs sample position
Reagent refrigerated function
26pcs reagent position
Reaction Cuvettes 60 pcs reusable plastic cuvettes
Automatic blank testing for cuvette
Colorimetry system in the pattern of light splitting behind cuvette
Dismountable, easily replacement
7-Step Auto Cleaning System Automatic 7-step washing
Hi-tech washing station to ensure accurate results
With low water consumption: 1-2L/H
Operation System Windows XP or Windows 7
Reaction System Reaction Cuvette: 60 reusable plastic units
Optical Length of Cuvette: 6mm
Reaction Volume: 180~500µl
Max reaction Time: 12 minutes
Reaction Temperature: 37±0.1℃
Products dimensions 54.8cmX42.2cmX38.3cm,net weight≤23kg
Optimal substitution of semi-auto  biochemistry analyzer Utility of reagents decreased: 300ul/test
Efficiency speed:  200 tests/hour
Optical System Light Source: halogen-tungsten lamp
Wavelength: 340-690nm, 9 wavelengths, precision ±2nm
Absorbance Range: 0~4.0 Abs
Resolution: 0.001 Abs
Rear spectrophotometry
Working Condition Power Supply: ~100-240V, 50/60Hz, 300VA
Temperature: 10-30℃
Humidity: ≤90%, no dew
Input and Output Input: RS-232 interface/computer
Output: multi-format printout