CO2 incubators are popularly used in the world. This article introduces the role of CO2 incubators, features of CO2 incubators, types of CO2 incubators, operation steps of CO2 incubators, and where to get CO2 incubators to help you quickly learn about CO2 incubators. 

The Role of the CO2 Incubator

The carbon dioxide incubator simulates the growth environment of cells/tissues in the living body by mimicking the incubator. It is widely used in the cell, tissue culture, and the culture of some particular microorganisms. Besides, it is commonly used in the study of cell dynamics, the collection of mammalian cell secretions, the carcinogenic or toxicological effects of various physical and chemical factors, the research and production of antigens, Tissue engineering, drug screening, and other research fields.

6 Features of CO2 Incubator

1. Adopt a long-life, high-reliability thermal conductivity carbon dioxide concentration detector.

2. UV lamp disinfection and sterile air filtration.

3. Air jacket heating system, heating quickly and no need for daily maintenance.

4. Perfect sound and light alarm system when overheating, temperature probe damage, or water shortage.

5. The bottom of the box is used as a reservoir. The evaporation area is large, the evaporation speed is fast, and the humidity recovers quickly after closing the door.

6. Simple operation.

Three Types of CO2 Incubators

Currently, there are 3 types of CO2 incubators: DCI Series CO2 Incubator, WJ-2 Series CO2 Incubator, and WJ-3 Series CO2 Incubator.

  • DCI Series CO2 Incubator has two optional connectors that are an RS485 connector and an RS232 connector. It owns three systems: a wireless alarm system, a HEPA filter system, and an automatic humidification system. You need to know that this CO2 Incubator should sterilize itself at 90℃.
DCI Series CO2 Incubator
  • WJ-2 Series CO2 Incubator has a water jacket and air jacket structure. PID microprocessor is used in this CO2 Incubator. It has sterile air filtration devices and a UV light system. It has two types of chamber volume that is 80 L and 160L.
WJ-2 Series CO2 Incubator
  • WJ-3 Series CO2 Incubator can be controlled by a microcomputer. It has a Water jacket and air jacket structure too. LED indication works in each working state. The imported infrared sensor can make sure the accuracy of the CO2 incubator, and the lifetime of the sensor is very long.
Drawell WJ-3 Series CO2 Incubator

Operation Steps of CO2 Incubator

1. Before turning on the power, wipe the interior of the carbon dioxide incubator with alcohol and then disinfect it with an ultraviolet sterilization lamp or an ozone sterilizer for one hour.

2. Power on: adjust the temperature setting value to the required temperature (e.g., 37°C). The light should be on and flashing, indicating it is heating. (Note: If the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C, the air conditioner can be used to reduce the ambient temperature.)

Where to get the above types of CO2 Incubators?

The best choice to get a CO2 incubator is to find a reliable CO2 incubator manufacturer. Nowadays, there are many CO2 incubator manufacturers, so finding a reliable CO2 incubator manufacturer is not easy. Drawell is a CO2 Incubator manufacturer that is a good choice for you. Here are three reasons to choose this CO2 incubator manufacturer.

1. Strength of Drawell

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2. Various incubators in Drawell

You can get not only the above three types of CO2 incubators but also other incubators, such as sharking incubators. In Drawell, you can know and compare the three types of CO2 incubators more conveniently to get the best CO2 incubator.

3. The CO2 incubator price in Drawell

As you know, the CO2 incubator price is one of the factors in choosing a CO2 incubator. Drawell can provide you with CO2 incubators at competitive factory prices. At the same time, Drawell ensures the high quality of CO2 incubators.

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