DW-SI-200B Benchtop Shaking Incubator

The benchtop shaking incubator is a special constant temperature culture device for the cultivation and breeding of molds and microorganisms. It is especially suitable for scientific research and production in the fields of bioengineering, chemical engineering, medical research, agriculture and forestry sciences, aquatic products, animal husbandry, and environmental protection.

Features of DW-SI-200B Benchtop Shaking Incubator

  1. Integrated with incubator and shaker to save space and cost with tempered glass window.
  2. ABS shell, stainless steel chamber.
  3. LCD displayto display temperature and shaking velocity.
  4. With easy operations of storage function of working parameters.
  5. Auto-recovery after power interruption as originally programmed.
  6. Auto-stop protection to keep sample safe when the door is opened. Strong air spring rod with easy opening and closing.
  7. Brushless DC motor, more stable and reliable
  8. Equipped with leakage protection.

Specifications of the DW-SI-200B Benchtop Shaking Incubator

Model DW-SI-200B
Shaking Speed 20-300rpm
Speed Precision ±1 rpm
Oscillation Amplitude φ26mm
Standard Configuration for Flasks 50ml×5, 100ml×5, 250ml×5, 500ml×3
Max. Volume 50ml×5, 100ml×5, 250ml×4, 500ml×12
Tray Size(mm) 450×410
Timing Range 0-999h
Temperature Range 4~60℃
Temperature Precision ±0.1℃(constant temperature)
Outer Size(cm) 78×68×56
N.W(kg) 100
Chamber Volume (L) 70
Power Consumption 580W
Power Supply AC220V ±10% 50~60HZ

DW-SI-200B Benchtop Shaking Incubator Display

DW-SI-200B Benchtop Shaking Incubator

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