DW-L7 Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

DW-L7 double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometers adopt double beam optical system, and blazed holographic gratings. 

They have outstanding test precision and very competitive prices. 8-inch color touch-screen, cutting-edge user interface, powerful functions, and easy operation. 
With powerful functions, the equipment shows great performance in qualitative and quantitative testing, such as: 
● Full-spectrum scanning 
● Linear regression 
● Detailed spectrum scanning
● Concentration on direct reading 
● Time-based kinetics determination 
● Peak / Valley detecting 
● GOTO λ 
● Multi-wavelength measurement 

Features of DW-L7 Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The equipment is designed with a sophisticated power protection system. With a high capacity of internal memory, it can store testing results, scanned images, regression equations, and correction data. Therefore, it follows a fast initialization when the power is on. 
The instrument can draw curves from spectral scanning, fixed wavelength time-based scanning and linear regression. 
With a USB COM port, the device can be connected to a PC, which can not only enhance the performance in data testing and spectrum scanning but also expand the memory to save more testing results.

  • Double beam optical system 
  • 8-inch color touch-screen 
  • Automatic zero and full-scale adjustment 
  • Automatic wavelength settings 
  • Equipped with USB COM port 
  • UV WIN8 Spectrum Data Processing Software optional

Specifications of DW-L7 Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Model DW-L7
Photometry Double Beam
Monochromator Type Czerny-Turner
Focal Length 160mm
Grating 1200 lines/mm
Detector Silicon Photocell
Spectrum Bandwidth 1.8nm
Wavelength Setting 8-inch color touch-screen
Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.1nm
Scanning Speed Fast-Medium-Slow
Stray Light ≤0.03%T (at 220nm NaI, 360nm NaNo2)
Photometric Range 0.0-200.0% T
0.301-4.000 A
0.000-9999 C
Photometric Accuracy ±0.3% T
±0.004 Abs (0-0.A)
±0.008 Abs (0.5-A)
Photometric Repeatability ≤0.15% T
0.001 Abs (0-0.5A)
0.002 Abs (0.5-1A)
Baseline ≤±0.002 A(200-1090nm)
Noise 100% (T) noise≤0.15%(T), 0% (T) noise≤0.1%(T)
Drifting ≤0.0009 Abs/h (250nm and 500nm after 2h warm up)
Power AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz, 200W
Packaging Size 710mm X 590mm X 505mm 0.21M3 36kg

Standard Accessories of DW-L7 Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Operation manual 1pc
  • Glass cuvette 10mm 4pcs
  • Quartz cuvette 10mm 2pcs
  • Power cable 1pc
  • Fuse 2pcs
  • Cuvette holder 10mm

Optional Accessories of DW-L7 Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  • UV WIN8 station pro software
  • NO optional cuvette holder