DW-CS-8620 Arc Infrared Carbon & Sulphur Analysis Instrument

DW-CS-8620 Description

Infrared Carbon&Sulfur Analyzer, with infrared analysis techniques and arc burner, is used to testing the mass fraction of C,S of steel, alloy, nonferrous metal, cement, ore, catalyst and other materials.

Main Features of DW-CS-8620

(1) Convenient, practical and reliable: unique burning device, equipped with infrared detection system, direct online, remote operation.

(2) Tubular oven high pressure device design and metal filtering device, ensure the airflow stability.

(3) Adopting pyroelectric infrared detectors with low noise, high sensitivity and high stability and using Tailor-made new platinum infrared light source of fever continued and high efficiency of the spectral characteristics.

(4) Infrared testing and combustion furnace are connected by optical fiber, with multistage hidden isolating circuit, complete eliminate the arc interference completely.

(5) Weighing the sample in variable amount with electronic balance: different brands of electronic balance are selectable, automatic online, to realize weighing the sample in variable amount.

(6) Apply to arc burning infrared carbon&sulfur analysis software. English operating software, convenient operation and easy to master.

DW-CS-8620 Arc Infrared Carbon&Sulphur Analysis Instrument
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Main technical parameter

Testing elementsC,S Surveying
Analysis theoryArc furnace burn infrared absorptive detection
Analysis rangeC: 0.0010%-10.000% S: 0.0005%-0.500%(can extend to 99.9999%)
Analysis of errorC:Accor with GB/T223.69-1997 Standard; S:Accord with GB/T223.68-1997 Standard
Analysis time20-100s adjustable
Electronic balanceWeighing the sample in variable amount, weighing range:210g/0.001g
DW-CS-8620 Arc Infrared Carbon&Sulphur Analysis Instrument

Spare parts list

Fuse tube4A   15APc2 
RelayJTX-AC   220VPc1 
Sealing ringФ9×1.9Pc1 
Sealing ringФ5×1.9Pc1 
PVC tubeФ4×6M10 
Silica gel ringФ42×20×4Pc1 
Silica gel ringФ20×10×4Pc1 
Dust extraction pipe Pc1 
Smashing sample Pc1 
Through grey hook Pc1 
High quality hosesФ5×8.5M1 
Silicon molybdenum powder Bottle2 
Pure iron Bottle1 
Tin granular Bottle1 
Copper crucible Pc2 
Tweezers Pc1 
Samples spoonLarge, medium and smallSet1Stainless steel
Multi-purpose socket Pc1 
Reducing valve Pc1With special joint
Tungsten electrode Pc2 
Fur cap Pc1 
Silicone tubeФ6×9Pc1 
DW-CS-8620 Arc Infrared Carbon&Sulphur Analysis Instrument