DW-ATN-300 Automatic Azotometer

Our company’s DW-ATN-300 automatic azotometer(protein determinator) is designed in accordance with the Kjeldahl method, mainly for assaying the content of ammonia nitrogen, protein nitrogen in cereals, food, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil, water, medicine, sediment and chemicals. The determination conforms to national standards, AOAC, ISO, etc.


  1. For solution setting, volume of boric acid solution, the amount of alkali and distillation time can be set up at random
  2. 20 groups of experimental procedures can be stored to meet user’s various requirements
  3. Perfect protection system: remind when digestion tube is not in place, protect steamer furnace from being overheated or over-voltage; alarm when distillation is finished
  4. Manual and auto, two modes for customer to shift
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Technical parameters

Materials cereals, food, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil, water, medicine, sediment and chemicals
Range 0.1mgN ~240mgN(nitrogen content 0.02% ~95%)
Sample quantity solid ≤5g/unit, liquid ≤15ml/unit
Recovery ≥99.5%
Repeatability ≤ ±1%
Distillation rate 3~ 7 min/sample
Cooling water consumption 1L~2L/min
Power 220V 50Hz
Power rating 1600W
External dimension 775×380×330mm
Weight 28kg

Optional digestion furnace for DW-ATN-300 automatic azotometer

DW-KDN-D series digital-display temperature-controllable digestion furnace have models of 4 holes, 8 holes, 12 holes and 20 holes for user to choose, depending on their detection amount. SO2 and other poisonous gas escaping from digestion furnace will be discharged by relevant waste gas absorption system, guaranteeing the safety and cleanness of your lab.

Name Model Specification
digital-display temperature-controllable digestion furnace DW-KDN-04D 4 samples/batch
DW-KDN-08D 8 samples/batch
DW-KDN-12D 12 samples/batch
DW-KDN-20D 20 samples/batch