1200°C Chamber Muffle Furnace STM-12

  • Integrated Structure with elegant design.
  • Chamber Materials: Vacuum-forming ceramic fiber, which has the advantage of no powder drops off at high temperature, and saving energy more than 50%.
  • SHIMADEN (Japan) Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control provides optimum thermal
  • Long life type N thermocouple.
  • CE compliant.
  • Built-in RS485 port and USB adaptor as optional settings for computer control. It needs to add extra fees.


1200 muffle furnace(1)
heat distribution


Model STM-1-10 STM-3-12 STM-6-12 STM-8-12 STM-12-12 STM-18-12 STM-30-12 OEM
Inner Dimmensin (WxDxH)mm 100x100x100 150x150x150 180x230x150 200x300x120 200x300x200 250x300x250 300x500x200 Any size
Outer Dimension (WxDxH)mm 250x240x350 430x465x620 460x570x660 480x630x630 480x630x710 550x635x780 600x870x735  
Type Benchtop
Furnace structure Alumina Ceramic Chamber, Temperature control system, Heating element, Furnace shell, Main Electric Parts, and other relative accessories.
Max temperature 1000℃ 1200℃
Continue Temp. 950℃ 1100℃
Power Supply 220V/1.2KW 220V/2.5KW 220V/3KW 220V/3KW 220V/4KW 220V/6KW 380V/7.5KW  
Heating Element High quality alloy resistance wire (HRE)
Chamber Material High temperature polycrystal alumina ceramic fiber plate
Temp Precision ±1℃
Thermocouple N type
Temp controller SHIMADEN (Japan) brand intelligent microcomputer PID controller can program 4 groups 32 segments
Electronic Parts SCHNAIDER (France ) electronics brand
Heating rate ≤ 25℃/min ( suggest 15-20℃/min for longer life using of furnace )
Safety protection Overheat and Thermocouple-break Alarm
Certification ISO9001 /CE/ SGS
Furnace shell High quality cold-rolled steel sheets CNC processing
Insulation High quality thermal insulation material to ensure a good uniformity
Standard Packing One pair of high temperature gloves , One pc crucible tong , one catalog and operation manual
Optional Paperless recorder , Stainless steel exhaust chimney , Quartz /Alumina crucible