0.1g/0.01g Precision Balance

  1. Loadcell with LCT brand                                                             
  2. Big pan SS#304 168*165cm.                                                                                                  
  3. Overload Protection                                                                  
  4. Piece counting function.                                                     
  5. Can contain bubble level.                                                      
  6. Stabilization time 1.5s                                                      
  7. Adjustable feet                                                     
  8. Rechargeable battery.                                                           
  9. Intelligence calibration.                                                                      
  10. RS232 interface as standard.                                        
  11. M1 calibrate weight for optional.                                          
  12. The base is iron and ABS. 

Specifications of 0.1g/0.01g Precision Balance

Model Capacity Configuration Unit Price
MT5002B 500g x 0.01g Precision Balance Standard: battery/ RS232
Optional: USB port  $10
MT10002B 1000g x 0.01g $38 
MT20002B 2000g x 0.01g $38 
MT30002B 3000g x 0.01g $43 
MT50002B 5000g x 0.01g $69 
MT60001B 6000g x 0.1g $38 
MT80001B 8000g x 0.1g $41