TM108R /TM162R/ TM120R Intelligent Full Automatic Uncap Centrifuge

TM108R TM120R TM162R is special design for hospital, blood station, radio-immunoassay and nuclear medicine. It can complete al action at a time and solve the difficulty of uncap in separation of vacuum blood tube, which to be the most advanced and efficient separation machine.

Features of TM108R TM120R TM162R Centrifuge

  1. Stable running ,Greatly improved the work efficiency and avoided the re-mix of blood after separation.
  2. Completely eradicated bacteria infection and It is suitable for every capacity of evacuated blood tube.
  3. Microprocessor control and AC conversion motor, with high speed accuracy and 100% uncap rate.
  4. 7 Inches Touch LCD display, showing RPM, RCF, Speed, Running Time, Errors etc.
  5. Patented bucket Layered design, Can use both 2ml 5ml 7ml vacuum tubes at one rotor and  avoid caps dropping during running.
  6. Automatic rotor identification, to avoid over speed by mistake operate.
  7. Advanced door lid control can electric control for openning and close door lid, also with emergency lid lock release to avoid power off unexpected.
  8. With Bio-safe cover rotor:
TM108R TM120R TM162R Bio-safe cover rotor
TM108R TM120R TM162R Bio-safe cover rotor-2

Technical Parameters of TM108R TM120R TM162R Centrifuge

Temperature Range-20℃~+40℃
Rotor No.CapacityMax SpeedRCF
NO1 Angle Rotor12×10/15ml5000r/min5200×g
NO.2 Swing Rotor108×2/5ml4000r/min3600×g
NO.3Swing Rotor120×2/5ml4000r/min3680×g
NO.4 Swing Rotor162×2/5ml4000r/min3850×g
Motor Microprocessor Control, AC Frequency Motor
Timer Range0~99min
Power SupplyAC220V & 110V  50-60Hz 10A