NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy

DW-EXPEC1350 Analyzer is a universal mobile portable analyzer with a compact size, built-in rechargeable battery, mass storage device and LCD module. Through different measuring accessories, it enables non-destructive rapid testing of some physical and chemical components in particle, powder and liquid samples, which is widely used in inspection of textile fiber and food quality, as well as scientific research.

Measuring Accessories of NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy

It provides a variety of measurement methods by connecting different types of probes and accessories.

1. The light source plane diffuse reflection probe supports diffuse reflection detection mode, and sample testing of flake, particle, paste and powder, such as the non-destructive testing of cloth, fruits,  grains, plastics, papers and tobaccos.

2. Optical fiber diffuse reflection probe supports diffuse reflection and transflection detection modes. The former one is applicable to single-grain sample testing, such as non-destructive testing of small fruit products and on-site testing of meat. The other is for transparent liquid sample testing, including on-site testing of edible oil and fuel oil.

3. The cuvette rack supports transmission detection mode, which is mainly used in liquid sample testing.

Annex nameLight source plane diffuse reflection probeOptical fiber diffuse reflection probeCuvette rack
Test sample typeCloth, solid particles or powderLiquid (such as edible oil)Single-grain seed, western medicine,plastic particleLiquid, such as    gasoline, wine, etc
Spot diameter30mm5mm5mm5mm
Optical path/2 /5 /10mm/2 /5 /10 / 50mm

Features of NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy

  • Stable and reliable portable solution
  • Fast analysis speed, to detect multiple indicators simultaneously within 30 seconds
  • High measurement accuracy, close to the laboratory routine analysis
  • Accuracy
  • Completely non-destructive rapid testing of on-site samples
  • Abundant measuring accessories for different samples, ensuring easy probe replacement
  • Built-in standard substance, with automatic diagnosis and fault prompt function
  • Built-in mass storage device, to store analysis data and spectra
  • Built-in USB interface, to directly transfer data to the computer
  • Software applicable to different management permissions
  • Easy to operate, even for non-technicians
  • Multiple power supply modes: DC 19V and built-in lithium battery
  • Small size, light weight (only 6kg)

Specifications of NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Dimensions (L × W × H)(355 ×278 × 117) mm
Weight<6 kg
Applicable samplesSolid and liquid samples, with various probes available
Assay methodDiffuse reflection and transflection detection
Light source powerInternal light source of 5V/5W; external light source of 5V/10W
Light source life> 5000 hours
DetectorTEC refrigerated and temperature-controlled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detector
Communication interfaceUSB2.0
Power supplyDC 19V adapter or built-in lithium battery (lifetime: up to 8 hours)
Wavelength range1000-1800nm
Absorbance noise<50uA
Wavelength accuracy±0.2nm
Wavelength repeatability<0.01nm
Spectral resolution(10.95±0.3) [email protected]
Stray light<0.15%
Analysis time< 30 seconds
Number  of  storage   model setsGroup 16
Number   of   indicators   for simultaneous analysis6
Stored spectrogramArticle 320
Stored analysis results4000

Applications of NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Applications of NIR DW-EXPEC1350 Near-infrared Spectroscopy