DW08-II Uncontact Ultrasonic Cell Crusher

A non-contact ultrasonic crusher also called a cup crusher, is used for aseptic crushing. It can break chromosomes and crush cells through a centrifuge tube. It is tailor-made for the pretreatment of second-generation sequencing DNA samples and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments. Compared with the traditional probe contact ultrasonic cell crusher, non-contact samples can be broken into a sealed container without infectivity. Fly fog, the ultrasonic probe does not contact the sample to avoid cross-contamination. The non-contact ultrasonic pulverizer can obtain the unparalleled quality, efficiency, and safety of the traditional ultrasonic method.

Performance Characteristics

  1. Sample pollution-free: non-contact type eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and the phenomenon of traditional probe wear and slag
  2. Safe and reliable: Closed environment enhances biological safety (such as mycobacteria, viruses, etc.)
  3. Small sample loss: can be used to process small samples, as small as 5µl
  4. Wide range of applications: suitable for various standard containers, and can handle a variety of samples
  5. High repeatability: adjustable parameters, precise control of the sample processing process, high repeatability of results
  6. Isothermal treatment: optional cooling water circulation system to avoid damage to samples caused by excessive temperature

Instrument Parameters

  1. Model: DW08-II
  2. Frequency: 40 KHz
  3. Power: 1800W, adjustable 1-99%              
  4. Timing: 1-999min
  5. Duty cycle: 0.1-99.9%
  6. Tank volume: 1.5L
  7. Temperature display: Yes               
  8. Broken bracket: 1-2ml*16 holes, 5-15ml*8 holes, 10-15ml*8 holes
  9. Power supply: 220/110V±0.5 50Hz/60Hz