DW-LTH-N Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber

(Internal humidification) Fluorine-free refrigeration


Drawell Constant Temperature Humidity Chambers have a precise temperature and humidity control system. It provides various environmental simulation conditions for industrial research and biotechnology testing. It’s widely used in aseptic tests and stability inspection in medicine, textiles ,food processing, industrial Product raw material performance, product packaging ,product life and other tests.

DW-LTH-N Series

  1. Imported international brand compressor with cooling system, effectively extend the life spancy.
  2. Imported brand humidity sensor, built-in tank heating humidification system.
  3. Large LCD screen to display more data simutanously. Menu-type operation interface.
  4. Digital display for temperature and humidity ,multi-segment program control technology.
  5. PID microprocessor ensures precise control for temperature and humidity .
  6. There are 99 cycles of program, each cycle is divided into 30 segments. Each segment contains 99 hours and 99 minutes of cycle steps. It can happily meet almost all the complicated experiment process.
  7. Temperature -limiting alarm system ensures experiment runs safely. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the operation will be automatically stopped and alarm will prompt the operator.
  8. Polished stainless steel chamber,surface painted,adjustable shelves,easy for cleaning.
  9. Equipped with power supply and UV lamp for sterilization in chamber.
  10. Double door designed, tempered glass inner door for easy observation.
  11. JAKEL circulation fan, reasonable air duct structure, effectively guarantee the temperature stability inside the box.
  12. Equipped with leakage protection.
  13. Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temp.control failed. (for heating).


Model DW-LTH-175-N DW-LTH-275-N DW-LTH-375-N DW-LTH-475-N DW-LTH-800-N DW-LTH-1075-N
Chamber Volume 175L 275L 375L 475L 800L 1075L
Temperature Range 0~65 ℃
Display Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Fluctuation HIGH±0.5 ℃、LOW±1 ℃
Temperature Uniformity ±1 ℃
Humidity Range 30~95%RH
Power Rating 1100W 1400W 1950W 2000W 2300W 2600W
Humidity Stability ±3%RH
Refrigerant R134a
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz±2%
Continuous Operation Long continuous operation
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Exterior Size(W×D×H)cm 61×62×150 74×71×157 75×75×173 86×75×182 113×93×198 101×90×224
Chamber Size(W×D×H)cm 45×42×93 58×51×93.5 59×55×116 70×55×125 96.5×61×137 95×70×160
Net/Gross Weigh(kg) 82/125 95/138 103/147 115/157 185/250 215/300

NOTE: Performance parameters are tested under non-load conditions: ambient temperature is 20°C, relative humidity is 50% RH.

Optional Parts

  1. Built-in printer
  2. φ25mm/50mmtest hole
  3. Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system)
  4. RS485 connector