DW-TC6090 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

An automated analyzer is a medical laboratory instrument designed to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance.

Features of DW-TC6090 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

1. System Functions

Fully automatic, discrete, random STAT function Analysis Method: end-point, kinetic, two-point, double-reagents, double-wavelength, multi-standard, etc, open to various reagents

2. QC – Various QC management functions and random QC insert

3. Control and Calibration

Calibration: linear/nonlinear multi-point calibration

Re-test: retest the sample automatically when the result is out of the linearity range or the sample is not sufficient

Automatic sample dilute function

4. Cleaning System

8-step automatic washing, automatic cuvette dry function

5. Automatic Cuvette blank testing

Automatic wash selected cuvettes

Real-time online monitoring running status of the cuvette, sample tray, reagent tray cuvette, reagents residual volume, monitoring waste volume

6. Automatic dilute and re-test when absorbance range is over range

Automatic dilute and re-test when the linear limit is over range

Three modes (no dilute, auto-dilute, and handwork dilute) are available

Freely set the auto-dilute ratio and dilute water position

Freely set the auto-dilute ratio when re-testing

“No dilute” re-testing mode is available

Parameters of DW-TC6090 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

System functions Online test items: at most 40 testing items
Throughput: 400 tests/hour
Data Processing: memory up to 2 million patients’ data
Sample/Reagents Handling Sample Position: 93 pcs (Include standard, QC, STAT positions)
Sample volume: 2-50µl, 0.1µl step
Sample Probe Cleaning: automatic internal & external washing
Sample Dilution: automatic/Manual pre-dilution, with dilution ratio up to 1:100
Reagent Position: 80 pcs (With refrigerated function, 2℃-8℃ )
Reagent Volume: 10-500µl, 1µl step
Reagent Probe: automatic liquid level detect, with collision protection function
Reagent Probe Cleaning: automatic internal & external washing
Reaction System Reaction Cuvette: 90 pcs made of special material
Optical Length of Cuvette: 6mm
Reaction Volume: 200~500µl
Reaction Time: 8-14 minutes
Reaction Temperature: 37℃±0.1℃
Mixing System: two independent mixing probe
Optical System Light Source: halogen-tungsten lamp
Wavelength: 300-700nm, 9 wavelengths, precision ±2nm
Spectrophotometry: rear spectrophotometry
Test Range: 0-4.0 Abs
Resolution: 0.001Abs
8-step auto cleaning System Automatic 8-step washing
Automatic cuvette dry function
Hi-tech washing station to ensure accurate test results
With low water consumption: 8L/H
Working Condition Power Supply: ~100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1KVA
Temperature: 10-35℃
Humidity: ≤90%, no dew
Operation System Windows XP or Windows 2000
Input and Output Input: RS-232 interface / keyboard / computer
Output: multi-format printout
Dimension and Weight Upper cabinet: 950×710×1180mm  Net Weight: 136kgs
Packing Information 890×1135×1400mm; G.W.: 215kgs (With plywood case)