DW-SZF-06C Fat Analyser

DW-SZF-06C fat analyser is developed in accordance with optimized Soxhlet extraction principle, its assaying process:immerse and extract, elute, recover solvent, more efficient than using traditional Soxhlet extraction method. This fat analyser takes full-closed electric hot plate to heat, bringing wider temperature scope and applied areas, can be applied in industries like agricultural, foodstuff, environmental and industrial, etc.


  • Optimized Soxhlet extraction method, more efficient extraction;
  • Full-closed electric hot plate to heat, bringing wider temperature scope;
  • Solvent for extraction can be recovered and used repeatedly.
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Technical Parameters

Measurement range cereals, feedstuff, oily seed and various fatty products with 0.5%-60% oil
Sample number 6/batch
Solvent recovery ≥80%
Power 220V, 50Hz
Heating power 300W
Temp.range ambient+5oC-200oC
Dimensions 550×320×626
Weight 23kg