DW-MS Automatic Intelligent Moisture Analyzer

  1. Full automatic opening and closing hatch/open transparent window. It can prevent the influence of lifting the cover by humans.
  2. 7-inch high-definition intelligent touch screen: real-time dynamic curve analysis, direct display of moisture percentage / dry weight percentage / dry weight.
  3. High bright halogen lamp. The limit heating temperature is 30 ℃.
  4. Imported polymer materials / high-temperature resistant molding.
  5. Double motor drive / double fan design.
  6. Intelligent dual temperature control/multi-layer stainless steel heating chamber.
  7. Four layers of stainless steel heated inner cabin to improve the efficiency.
  8. Removable test cover, convenient for replacement of accessories.
  9. Intelligent anti-pinch and automatic detection opening function to effectively protect the user and the mechanical system of the instrument.
  10. Fast system update and upgrade.
DW-MS Automatic Intelligent Moisture Analyzer(1)
DW-MS Automatic Intelligent Moisture Analyzer-2

Parameters of DW-MS Automatic Intelligent Moisture Analyzer

Model DW-100MS DW-100MS DW-200MS DW-200MS
(plus) (plus)
Range (g) 110g 210g
Readability(g) 0.001g 0.001g
Operating Temp 5℃-35℃
Pan Size Ø100mm
Heat Source Halogen Lamp
Temp.Sensor PT 100
Temp. Range 40℃-230℃
Temp.Step 1℃
Moisture Range 0.00%-100.00%
Moisture Readability 0.0001
Dry Residual Range 100.00%-0.00%
Dry Residual Readability 0.0001
ATRO 100%-999%
ATRO 0%-999%
Temp Setting 40℃-230℃ By 1℃ Step
Time Setting 1-99min by 10 s
Number Of Storage 20
Number Of History 20
Heater 220V ±15%  50HZ / 110V±15%  60HZ ;  400W
Balance Input: 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
Machine Input: 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
(Dual-drive) Output:24V
Host Dimension 215X195X415mm
Indicator Dimension 200X75X135mm
Operation Height 275mm
The Chamber Height 35mm
Display 7 inch touch panel
Interface RS232/RJ45/USB…
Communication Mode Cable Wireless   Cable   Wireless  
Rechargeable Battery No 10,000mAh   No   10,000mAh  
Calibration External Calibration