TOC Analyzer DW- DI1500

TOC analyzer (Total Organic Carbon, referred to as TOC) is the total organic carbon analyzer. It is a comprehensive index to express the total amount of organic matter in the water body with the content of carbon. TOC can be used directly to represent the total amount of organic matter. Therefore, it is used as an important reference index to evaluate the degree of organic pollution in water bodies. Designed for TOC detection of purified pharmaceutical water and Water For Injection (WFI).

Applications of TOC Analyzer DW- DI1500

  • Thermal power industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Features of TOC Analyzer DW- DI1500

  • Dual wavelength UV oxidation +

Direct conductivity detection

Excellent reproducibility and long calibration period

  • Dual sensor configuration

Total Carbon(TC) and Total Inorganic Carbon(TIC) dual sensor configurations can effectively eliminate the interference of inorganic carbon.

  • SQL database

Improve the user’s work efficiency, realize intelligence, and automation.

  • Multiple built-in test methods

Users can quickly operate built-in methods with professional algorithms to ensure good data repeatability.

  • Consumables are easily replaced

Low maintenance cost, simple and convenient.

  • Data Integrity

Fully comply with GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic data integrity with four levels of password authority, audit trail function, and various forms of backup.

Technical Parameters of TOC Analyzer DW- DI1500

Scope of test:(0- 1500.0)µg/L Recommended range of water sample conductivity:(0-5. 1)   µS/cm@25C
Power supply:(100-240) VAC Testing time:3 min
Rated power:100W Response time:within 6 min
Calibration period:12 months Ambient temperature:10C- 40C
Indication error:±5% Repeatability standard deviation (RSD):≤2%