PH100T Benchtop pH/mV/ Meter-touch Screen

PH100T benchtop PH Meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH. It comes with touchscreen functionality and is easy to operate.

PH meters are widely used for soil measurements in agriculture, water quality for municipal water supplies, aquaculture, environmental remediation, experiments, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, and many other applications.

Features of PH100T Benchtop PH Meter

  1. With built-in microprocessor chip, intelligent and high accuracy.
  2. 7″ TFT Touch screen, easy reading and operation.
  3. With calibration guide, automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, parameter setup, etc.
  4. Self-diagnosis functions, automatically recognizing standard buffer solutions.
  5. Cal points: pH calibration points: 1-5 pts.
  6. Fast response, stable reading display.
  7. The kit comes with a combination glass electrode, stainless steel temp probe.
  8. IP54 dustproof and spillproof.
PH100T benchtop PH Meter
PH100T accessory

Specifications of PH100T Benchtop PH Meter

pHRange(-2.000-20.000) pH
Resolution0.001/0.01 pH
Accuracy±0.002pH ±1digit
mV(ORP probe optional)Range-1,999mV -+1,999mV
Resolution± 0.1/1mV
Accuracy±0.03% FS ±1digit
Resolution/Accuracy0.1℃; ±0.2℃
Data storage500groups
Data OutputUSB to Flash DiskUSB to PCWireless connection to printer (the printer is optional)
Power supplyDC12V
Packing includingPH100T Meter
201G Refillable glass pH probe: 1pc
Temp-01 Stainless steel probe: 1pc
pH buffer solution: pH4.00/7.00/10.01, 50mL, one for each
F01 Flexible probe holder: 1pc
Magnetic stirrer: 1pc
PC cable: 1pc
A01 Power adaptor
Touch-screen Benchtop PH Meter1
Touch-screen Benchtop PH Meter2
Touch-screen Benchtop PH Meter3