DW-M Density Balance

  • Aluminum Alloy die-cast base and stainless steel platter.
  • Super Bright LCD display.
  • Clear Glass Windshield as standard.
  • Multi Weighing unit conversation g/mg/ct/oz.
  • Check Weighing, Parts counting, percentage weighing
  • Certificated calibration weight

Specifications of DW-M Density Balance

Mode S:(Solid)  G:(Gold) A:(Absorbent) L:(Liquid) P:(Powder)
Model DW-203M-S/G/A DW-303M-S/G/A DW-203M-L DW-303M-L DW-203M-P DW-600CM-P
Capacity(g) 210 310 210 310 210 610
WR 0.001g 0.005g 0.001g 0.005g 0.001g 0.01g
DR 0.001g/cm³ 0.001g/cm³ 0.001g/cm³
Test Capacity 0.001-99.999g/cm³ 0.001-99.999g/cm³ 0.001-99.999g/cm³
Pan Size-01 60x152mm Φ50mm (Upper Pan) Φ90mm(Weighing Pan)
Pan Size-02 70x110mm 90x90x25mm ————–
Tank Size 139x100x78mm water tank 50ml Beaker 50ml Pycnometer
Op-temp 5-35℃ 5-35℃ 5-35℃
Key name Power,F,ENTER,CAL, 0 Power,F,ENTER,CAL, 0 Power,F,ENTER,CAL, 0
Cal-weight 200g 200g 200g
Material Aluminium Case Aluminium Case Aluminium Case
Outlook size 205x270x370mm 205x270x370mm 205x270x370mm
Packing Size 440x310x300mm 440x310x300mm 440x310x300mm
Weight 4.5kg 4.5kg 4.5kg
Density Kit Solid kit liquid kit Powder kit
Glass Draft Optional Optional optional