DW-2CM Density Balance

  • Aluminum Alloy die-cast base and stainless steel platter.
  • Super Bright LCD display.
  • Clear Glass Windshield as standard.
  • Multi Weighing unit conversation g/mg/ct/oz.
  • Check Weighing, Parts counting, percentage weighing
  • Certificated calibration weight

Specifications of DW-2CM Density Balance

Model      DW3002CM-S DW3002CM-L
Capacity(g) 310 310
WR 0.01g 0.01g
DR 0.01g/cm³ 0.01g/cm³
Test Capacity 0.01-99.999g/cm³ 0.01-99.999g/cm³
Pan Size-01 60x152mm Φ50mm
Pan Size-02 70x110mm 90x90x25mm
Tank Size 139x100x78mm Water tank 50ml Beaker
Op-temp 5-35℃ 5-35℃
Key name Power,F,ENTER,CAL, 0 Power,F,ENTER,CAL, 0
Cal-weight 200g 200g
Material Plastic Case Plastic Case
Outlook size 205x270x370mm 205x270x370mm
Packing Size 440x310x300mm 440x310x300mm
Test Object Solid Liquid
Weight 4.5kg 4.5kg
Density Kit Solid kit liquid kit