Desktop XRF Mineral Analyzer(light elements)DW-EDX3600H

The high-performance desktop XRF geology and mining analyzer DW-EDX 3600H is equipped with globally advanced analysis technology, an intelligent vacuum system, and developed electronic technology. Combined with a low-energy tube, vacuum system and low background technology. It efficiently reduces testing interference and improves the energy resolution of Mg, Al, and Si. P and other light elements in geology and minerals.

Specialized in Mineral Elements and Grade Testing

  • DW-EDX3600H Mining Analyzer is specially designed for the geology and mining industries
  • High precision, fast testing speed and easy operation, etc
  • Bear several testing analysis modes, including alloy, soil, precious, and RoHS.
  • Testing samples include minerals, slag, rocks, etc.
  • Analytical content is from Na to U.
  • Testing samples can be solids, liquids, and powders
DW-EDX 3600H 3


• Highly efficient super-thin window x-ray light tube, which is specially developed for mineral testing, reaches the international advanced level.

• Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), provides better energy linearity, resolution, spectrum characteristics, and a higher peak/base ratio.

• Built-in CMOS HD camera.

• Automatic switch of collimator and filter according to different samples, eliminating the troublesome manual operation.

• Triple X-ray protection design

(1 Machanical protection: segregate x-ray

(2 Electronical protection: Automatic shut-down of x-ray when opening the cover during testing

(3 Software protection: Automatic shut-down of software program when opening the cover during testing

• LCD screen directly shows the important parameters: tube voltage, tube current, and vacuum degree

• 2L vacuum pump

Technical Specifications

Measurable range Na to U
Analytical range ppm—99.99% (different materials, with different analytical range)
Simultaneous analysis Testing tens of elements simultaneously
Precision 0.05% (content 96% t)
Testing time 60s-200s
Resolution (140±5)eV
Tube voltage 5KV-50KV
Tube current 50 y A-1000 p A
Sample chamber size 320mmx100mm
Ambient temperature 15℃-30℃
Ambient humidity 35%-70%
Voltage input AC 220V (Optional: 110V)
Power 200W
Instrument dimension 660mmx510mmx350mm
Weight 65Kg

Standard Configuration

-Highly efficient super-thin window x-ray light tube          -Collimator and filter

-High-performance electronic cooling UHRD detector        -Triple safety protection mode

-Signal-to-Noise Enhancer                               -90mmx70mm LCD

-CMOS HD camera                                    -Vacuum Pump

Periodic Table of Elements

DW-EDX 3600H 4
DW-EDX 3600H 5

Application Cases

Case 1 — Caolin

DW-EDX 3600H--7
DW-EDX 3600H 6

Case 2 — Zinc concentrate

DW-EDX 3600H 9
DW-EDX 3600H 8

Case 3 — Lead concentrate

DW-EDX 3600H 10
DW-EDX 3600H 11