UHPLC DW-EXPEC5180 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

DW-EXPEC5180 ultra-high performance liquid chromatography is a new generation ultra-high performance liquid chromatography system developed for the trace organic components analysis. It has industry-leading performance. This instrument has the characteristics of fast analysis speed and low solvent consumption, and can significantly improve the efficiency of large batch sample detection and analysis.

The DW-EXPEC5180 ultra-high performance liquid chromatography includes a high-pressure mixing binary pump with a max pressure up to 20,000 psi, provides ultra-low dwell volume and high-precision gradient. The CDS software supports stand-alone/network deployment and ensure data security and compliance. Suitable for industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications.

Working Conditions:

  1. Operation temperature: (15℃-35℃)
  2. Operation humidity: (35~80)% RH, no condensation
  3. Power supply: single-phase power (220±20) V AC, 10A, 50 Hz
  4. Ventilation or exhaust requirements: A ventilation hood or exhaust system must be installed near the instrument.

Features of UHPLC DW-EXPEC5180 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography workstation software:

  1. Windows 10 and better operating platforms. The software can control the parameter settings of each component of liquid chromatography, and has built-in data processing and report editing functions; it can automatically realize functions such as instrument function configuration, condition optimization, automatic quantitative function, chromatographic data analysis, and spectral library creation;
  2. The software has functions such as automatic calibration and instrument status monitoring;
  3. The operating software can be installed on a personal computer, and sample analysis data can be processed offline using this software and reports can be generated.

Applications of UHPLC DW-EXPEC5180 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Specifications of UHPLC DW-EXPEC5180 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

ULC 580 ultra-high pressure binary gradient pump
Solvent switchingThrough solvent selection valve switching, one of each of the two solutions A1, A2, and B1, B2 can be selected as the system mobile phase
Solvent degassingbuilt-in vacuum degasser, pump A/B binary channels each have independent degassing channels
Flow range0.010-2.0 mL/min, supports binary gradient method editing
Maximum pressure≥20000 psi
Flow rate accuracy± 1.0% @0.5 mL/min
Flow rate precision≤0.07%RSD or 0.01 min, whichever is greater
Dimensions (length × width × height)570 mm × 330 mm × 255 mm
Weightabout 23 kg
AS 580 ultra-high pressure automatic sampler
Injection modFull loop injection, partial loop injection, microliter injection.
Sample loop100 μL (standard configuration), other volumes are optional
Injection volumefull loop injection 100 μLpartial loop injection 0~50 μLmicroliter injection 0~27 μL
Injection repeatability<0.3%RSD (full loop injection)
Maximum sample capacity2*48-bit 1.5ml vials or 2*96-bit multi-well plates or 2*384-bit multi-well plates
Dimensions (length × width × height)570 mm × 330 mm × 360 mm
Weightabout 19 kg


  • 1 ULC 580 ultra -high pressure binary gradient pump
  • 1 AS 580 ultra-high pressure automatic sampler ( optional refrigeration component )
  • 1 DAD 580 diode array detector
  • 1 CH 582 column oven
  • 1 ET 580 solvent tray
  • 1 Chromatography software