TANK-eco Microwave digestion

TANK ECO Microwave Digestion System has incorporated many years’ of experience in microwave research and development and is built for a wide range of applications in the market. It has been widely used in heavy metal analysis, extraction of organic pollutants, synthesis of material, etc.TANK ECO Microwave Digestion System features safe operation, good flexibility,high durability. Its patented high-pressure digestion vessel design has greatly improved the digestion ability of tough samples, which is also equipped with multiple safety mechanisms to ensure the safe operation.


  1. 7-inch color touch screen
  2. 316L SS industrial-grade furnance cavity
  3. 6-position & 8-position rotors available
  4. Android System/Data compliance
  5. Temperature & pressure sensor monitoring


  1. Biological science
  2. Chemical science
  3. Pharmaceutical engineering
  4. Plastic analysis
  5. Agriculture and food safety
  6. Metallurgical
  7. Environmental science


Power supply 220~240VAC 50/60Hz 20A
Microwave source 2450MHz, high-energy microwave field transmission
Installed power 1800W
Maximum output power 1000W
Microwave cavity Large-volume 316L stainless steel cavity, internally and externally coated with multi-layer corrosion-resistant Teflon.
Explosion-proof door design Self-popping explosion-proof sliding furnace door, integrated structure design with prevention of microwave leakage.
Pressure measurement system High-precision semiconductor pressure sensor, with pressure control range: 0~15MPa, accuracy ±0.01MPa.
Temperature measurement Full vessel IR temperature control system, with temperature control range: -40~305°C, accuracy: ±0.1°C.
Passive protection system COT real-time abnormality monitoring system, which can automatically beep and cut off the microwave when an abnormality occurs to any reaction vessel; Safety Bolt design, providing vertical and quantitative release of overpressure.
Software system Android system; Built-in method library; Cloud methods, data storage and sharing; Wi-Fi remote connection, etc.
Communication interface USB interface and internet interface
Exhaust system High-power corrosion-resistant turbo fan, high-efficiency turbulent air cooling, less than 15 minutes cooling down to room temperature.
Working environment 0~40°C / 15~80%RH
Physical size / net weight 480mm×560mm×575mm (Width × depth × height) /45kg
Model of reaction vessel MP-100
Batch capacity Standard configuration 6 vessels, up to 8 vessels
Material of inner vessel TFM
Material of outer vessel Aerospace composite fiber
Rotor frame type Single Frame type
Volume of reaction vessel 100mL
Designed temperature 300°C
Designed pressure 15MPa (2,200psi)