TANK 40 Microwave Digestion Workstation

TANK 40 Microwave Digestion Workstation has incorporated many years’ of experience in microwave research and development and is built for a wide range of applications in the market. It has been widely used in heavy metal analysis, extraction of organic pollutants, synthesis of material, etc. TANK 40 Microwave Digestion Workstation features safe operation, good flexibility, high durability. Its patented high-pressure digestion vessel design has greatly improved the digestion ability of tough samples, which is also equipped with multiple safety mechanisms to ensure the safe operation.


  1. Comprehensive safety guarantee, combined with anti-corrosion capability.
  2. Dual magnetron inverter control system ensures consistent sample digestion.
  3. Two LCD screen, displaying real-time operation and experiment status.
  4. Full-vessel pressure control technology.
  5. Full-vessel precise temperature control and moni- toring, ensuring safety and digestion performance.
  6. Smart software operation, conforming to FDA21CFRPart11.
  7. Various supporting tools, making experiment easy and convenient.


  1. Biological science
  2. Chemical science
  3. Pharmaceutical engineering
  4. Plastic analysis
  5. Agriculture and food safety
  6. Metallurgical
  7. Environmental science


Power 220~240VAC50/60Hz20A
Working environment temperature 0~40℃
Relative humidity for working environment 15~80%RH
Microwave source 2450MHz; Maximun microwave output power 2000W, emitted from Dual magnetron inverter high-energy microwave field; non-pulse continuous microwave output
Installed power 3800W
Microwave cavity Grade 316L stainless steel microwave resonant cavity, with a wall thickness of more than 3mm, sprayed with multi-layer PFA coating
Furnace exhaust system Automatically adjusted air volume; cooling to room temperature in less than 15 minutes
Software system Android operating system (8G memory), built-in video SOP, application method library, electronic door lock, etc.
Overall physical size/net weight 600×685×660 (W*D*H) /62kg
Batch amount 24 vessels 40 vessels
Inner vessel material TFM TFM
Outer vessel material Aerospace composite fiber Aerospace composite fiber with TEFLON coating
Inner vessel volume 110mL 55mL/70mL
Maximum temperature 300℃ 300℃
Maximum pressure 15Mpa 15Mpa