MHVS-1000/1000AT Touch Screen Manual/Automatic Tower Digital Display Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

Vickers hardness tester is a new type of hardness tester which combines precision mechanical and photoelectric computer software. It can be used for Vickers or Knools hardness test. By inputting the measured diagonal value into an integrated calculator, the hardness value can be calculated.

Vickers hardness tester is suitable for testing metal structures, including small parts, sheets, foils, high-quality wires, thin hardening layer and electroplating layer. It can also be used for testing non-metallic materials such as glass, jewelry and ceramics which can not be tested by Rockwell test method and other relatively large test force tests. In particular, it follows the structure of metals and tests the internal hardness of materials such as induction hardening or carburizing.

Functional Characteristics of MHVS-1000/1000AT Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

  • Indentation Diagonal Automatic Measuring Microscope
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic loading and unloading control
  • LCD Digital Display Hardness Value and Data Statistics Built-in Printer, Direct Print Output Measurement Results
  • Dual optical channels (eyepiece and CCD camera channels) can be equipped with computer control system.
  • The minimum reading of XY test-bed is 0.01mm.
  • Selection of Micro Vickers and Knoop Hardness Scales
  • The hardness value of the test can be calculated automatically and displayed automatically.
  • Precise automatic positioning of test points
  • Change-over control between hardness can be selected according to different materials.
  • Measuring system with adjustable cooling light source, etc.

Technical Parameters of MHVS-1000/1000AT Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Test force10gf、25gf、50gf、100gf、200gf、300gf、500gf、1kgf
Test force selectionExternal force selector knob
Executive standardGB/T4340,ISO 6507,ASTME384
Hardness testing Position5-4000HV
Scale conversionRockwell、Brinell
Method of exerting test forceAutomatic (Loading, Guarantee, Unloading)
Indenter and Object Lens Conversionmanualautomatic
Measuring the magnification of a microscope100X(observation)
Optical ChannelDouble Optical Channel (Eyepiece and CCD Camera Channel)
Measuring eyepieceAutomatic Digital Encoder
Test force duration time0-60s
Minimum Resolution0.01μm
X-Y test-bedSize:100*100mm  Maximum movement:25*25mm
Date outputLCD display readout, built-in printer and RS-232 interface
Maximum height of specimen85mm
Maximum width of specimen95mm
Power SupplyAC220V+5%,50-60Hz
Shape size520*200*560mm
Machine net weightAbout 52kg

Standard Configuration of MHVS-1000/1000AT Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Weight shaft1Weights6
Cross test stand1Slice clamping table1
Flat-mouthed clamping table1Filament clamping table1
screwdriver2Horizontal adjustment screw4
Level110X test eyepiece1
Micro Vickers hardness block2spare fuses(2A)2
Power cord1Product Qualification Certificate1