JMHRS-150 Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester

Full automatic/semi-automatic rockwell hardness tester of new upush-down intender adopt . advanced closed loopsensor control technology to realize automatic control and hardness testing process. Loading system use the high precision sensor and central controller forming a closed loop circuit to realize the continuous tracking and control burner process. Sounding system adopts high precision displacement sensor, which can obtain minimum hardnessvalue resolution 0.1 HR. The up–and–down motion of indenter can test hardness when object stage was fixed,. Fixed testing bench can eliminate coaxial error due to traditional lead screw rotating up and down, greatly improve the test precision and repeatability, also increases the stability and efficiency of the machine run.

Features of JMHRS-150 Rockwell Hardness Tester

  1. Strong rack construction, good rigidity.
  2. Full automatic closed loop sensor loading.
  3. Test 15 kinds of Rockwell and 15 kinds of superficial Rockwell hardness scale.
  4. High accuracy and international contrast is less than 0.5 HR.
  5. Accord with a standard ASTM E18 ISO6508 GB/T230.2.
  6. New design, the push-down intender.
  7. High precision loading system, effectively avoid dynamometry overloading.
  8. Can be retreated from function in fixed worktable automatically by the pressure head in and out of the last measurement.
  9. Automatically promote the initial test load handpiece and automated load, can guarantee the load producing steadily.
  10. High-definition LCD touch screen, the menu operation interface.
  11. Backlit LCD display, automatic data statistics and storage ,RS – 232 data output interface.
  12. Upload and offload automatically, keep time adjustable.
  13. Judge the tolerance of GO/NG.
  14. Revise the test value of cylinder, sphere load selection and scale of hardness selection interlock.
  15. Optional operation languages include English, Chinese , it’s convenient for user to operate HR scale conversion, HB, HV and tensile strength.
  16. Built-in printer.
  17. Extensive standard configurationcan satisfy all the testing requirements of the scale.
  18. Full Automatic closed loop sensor loading system, testing bench fixing, achieving high precision and fast test, which can also provide a higher level standard hardometer.

Technical Parameters of JMHRS-150 Rockwell Hardness Tester

Model  JMHRS-150
Initial test force3kgf、10kgf
Main test force 15kgf、30kgf、45kgf、60kgf、100kgf、150kgf
Superficial rockwell hardness  HR15N、HR30N、HR45N、HR15T、HR30T、HR45T、HR15W、HR30W、HR45WHR15X、HR30X、HR45X、HR15Y、HR30Y、HE45Y
LCD displayRockwell scale、The total test、Hardness value 、Cover charge time、Upper and lower set point GO/NG instructions, etc  
Add unloading way Closed loop load control technology (load, load and unload)  
Scale selection Touch screen to select  
Scale conversion  HR、HB、HV
Cover charge time0~99s
Data outputA built-in printer, RS232 interface
precision  ASTM E18、ISO6508、GB/T230.2
Allow the specimen height  300mm
Place the specimensThe surface placed 
The power supply110/220V AC、60~50Hz

Standard Accessories of JMHRS-150 Rockwell Hardness Tester

NameQuantityName  Quantity 
 host1Diamond indenter  1
Ф 1.588 steel ball head1Ф 1.588 steel ball  5
The sample units  1V-shaped sample units  1
Dust cover1The power cord  1
Indenter lock screw1RS232 communication line1
Instruction for use 1Product qualification certificate1
Warranty card  1