GL-21/22MC Intelligent Floortype High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

The maximum speed and capacity of GL-21/22MC intelligent centrifuge are 22000r/min and 3000ml respectively. It is specially designed for universal use in blood banks, clinic laboratories, serology investigations, molecular biology, serum separation, and pharmaceutical applications, where repeatability of reliability of speed time, temperature, acceleration, and deceleration are significant factors in obtaining perfect separations of the distinct blood fractions.

Features of GL-21/22MC Intelligent Floortype High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

  1. Superior performance

Microcomputer controlled, AC frequency variable motor drive, and longer lifetime. Lower noise and less vibration, equipped with multiple types of rotors for users to choose.Efficiency has been greatly improved.

  1. Easy operation

Equipped with 7 inches touch Panel ,shows parameters clearly, and electric control for close and open door lid. Also with backup power to avoid power off unexpected, and backup power charge automatically.

  1. Safe and reliable performance

With protection from over speed, over temperature, imbalance and protection of automatic electronic or mechanical lock, to ensure the safety of operators and machines.

With automatically rotor identification function to avoid over-speed running by mistake operate.

  1. Data down load/ program edit (option)

All running and set data can be download  and can program edit by USB port.

GL-21MC-LCD Display
LCD Display
GL-21MC-Intelligent Type
Intelligent Type

Technical Parameters of GL-21/22MC Intelligent Floortype High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Max Speed21000r/min22000r/min
Max RCF52300xg53000xg
Max Capacity3000ml
Speed Accuracy±20r/min
Temp Range-20℃~+40℃
Temp Accuracy±1℃
The shortest Acc time1min30s(0~21000 r/min)1min35s(0~22000 r/min)
The shortest Dec time1min40s(21000 r/min~0)1min45s(22000 r/min~0)
Refrigeration systemHigh-performance Compressor CFC-free Refrigeration System
Timer Range0~23h 59min
MotorMicroprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor
Power SupplyAC220V 50-60Hz 30A
Net Weight260kg

Rotors of GL-21/22MC Intelligent Floortype High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

No.1 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.1 Angle Rotor Max Speed:22000r/min No.2 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.2 Angle Rotor Capacity:16/12×10ml
Max Capacity:12×1.5ml Max Speed :21000r/min
Max RCF:53000xg Max RCF:52300×g
No.3 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.3 Angle Rotor Capacity:6×50ml No.4 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.4 Angle Rotor Capacity:6×70/80ml
Max Speed :20000r/min Max Speed :15000r/min
Max RCF:43000×g Max RCF:25700×g
No.5 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.5 Angle Rotor Capacity:4×250/300ml No.6 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.6 Angle Rotor Capacity:6×250ml
Max Speed :12000r/min Max Speed :12000r/min
Max RCF:22470×g Max RCF:22470×g
No.7 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.7 Angle Rotor Capacity:8×100ml No.8 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.8 Angle Rotor Capacity:6×300ml
Max Speed :14000r/min Max Speed :12000r/min
Max RCF:26952×g Max RCF:22470×g
No.9 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.9 Angle Rotor Capacity:6×500ml No.10 Angle Rotor GL-2122MC No.10 Angle Rotor Capacity:8×50ml
Max Speed :10000r/min Max Speed :18000r/min
Max RCF:17800×g Max RCF:37600×g
No.1 Swing Rotor GL-2122MC No.1 Swing Rotor Capacity:4×750/500ml No.2 Swing Rotor GL-2122MC No.2 Swing Rotor Capacity:4×300/250ml
Max Speed :4000r/min Max Speed :4000r/min
Max RCF:5470×g Max RCF:4210×g
No.3 Microplate Rotor GL-2122MC No.3 Microplate Rotor Capacity:2×2×96holes      
Max Speed :4000r/min
Max RCF:2300×g


Continuous Flow Rotor
NO.Max SpeedMax SpeedMax RCFFull capacityStandard Flow