EC10 Portable Cond Meter

EC10 portable conductivity meter measures the amount of electrical current or conductance in a solution. It has a LCD display and can record 3,000 sets of data. Drawell’s conductivity meter used in aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, food, industry, electric power, scientific research, environmental protection, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.

Features of EC10 Portable Conductivity Meter

  1. 3.7” Color screen, the user-friendly interface.
  2. Data logging up to 3000 groups.
  3. Calibration points: 1-pt.
  4. Equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, conforms with the EU new law.
  5. Ideal for use in harsh environments — IP57 Waterproof rating, silicone socket protector and grip cover protect the instrument from general impact.
  6. Large backlit LCD displays conductivity/TDS/salinity and temp along with icons of stable readings.
  7. Foldable stand allows use as a benchtop meter.
PH10 Portable PH Meter DOPro10电极细节
PH10 Portable PH Meter

Specifications of EC10 Portable Conductivity Meter

CondRange0-2000.0mS/cm (auto divided by range)
Accuracy±0.5%FS ± one digit
ATC range(0 – 50)℃
Resolution/Accuracy0.1℃; ±0.5℃±1digit
Data storage/content3000 groups
Serial number, Mode, Measuring value, Temp, Date: Y/M/D/H/M
Data export/Charging portType-C – USB
PC software functionGLP measurement management
Two-level user management
The user’s operation history log
Meter usage management
Automatically /manually timing data storage
Power supplyRechargeable Lithium battery × 1
Packing includingMeter× 1;
Plastic Cond electrode Con201T× 1 ;
(K=1, PC housing, for general liquid test);
Standard Cond solution: 84uS/1413uS/12.88mS/cm, 50mL, one for each;
USB-C Charger Cable× 1;
Hard carrying case×1.