DW-TEK8520 Automatic Hematology Analyzer

DW-TEK8520 is semiconductor laser scattering combined with cytochemical staining technology to achieve accurate five-classification of white blood cells, 5-part differentiation, 27 parameters 1 Scattergram, 4 Histograms Up to 90 samples per hour Optical solid state LASER scattering High efficient light collector (patented) 12.1″ TFT Touch Screen Original reagent, control and calibration. Easy to operate: Friendly and Intellective Software.Auto sample for option.

Features of DW-TEK8520 Automatic Hematology Analyzer

  1. Unique high-efficiency laser energy-focusing technology

CombiningFresnel lens focusing laser signal

  1. Unique double sheath flow focusing fluid technology inner

Sheath flow closely packed cells, so that the cell is arranged in sheath flow axis, make sure flow through the testing center one by one under the action of flow power

  1. Exceptional cellular alarm function

Fragment、 plasmodium、cell tolerance、 PLT aggregation、 Low HGB in RBC、abnormal scatter diagram custom parameters alarm recheck. Provide multinomial research parameters: specific lymphocyte immature cell、unrecognized cell etc.

  1. Floating classification technology

Automatically adapt to the change of scattergram, effectively identify the boundaries of various cells, to obtain more accurate WBC classification results

  1. Laser Light scatter and Cell Histochemistry method

Semiconductor laser which has long service life and laser signal more stable. Through laser light scatter and cell histochemistry technology, provide the size of the cell, cell nucleus, and cell particle. Make classification and counting more accurate.

  1. Accurate blood dispensing system

DW-TEK8520 utilizes an advanced ceramic sample rotator valve platform to accurately segment blood with high precision.

  1. Prediluted:

Select Prediluted mode, automatic injection prediluted reagent

Easy operation and avoid manual errors

  1. Original Reagent

Only 3 types: Sheath Hematon、Enzyme Detergent and Complex Cell Hemal use

High-quality original reagents ensure high accuracy

Technical Specifications of DW-TEK8520 Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Technical Specifications Optical solid state LASER scattering Wide angle light scatter、High efficient light collector(patented)
Electrical Impedance、Double hydrodynamic focusing
Parameters LYM#,Mon#,Neu#,Bas#,Eos#,LYM%,Mon%,Neu%,Bas%,Eos%,Lx,LY,Nx,Ny,WBC,RBC,Hb,HCT,MCV,MCH,MCHC,RDW-CV,RDW-SD*,Plt,Pct,MPV,PDW
1 Scattergrams: WBC Interpreted Scattergram
4 Histograms: RBC、PLT、WBC、cyto
Throughput Up to 90 samples per hour(Auto sample mode/open sample290samples per hour)
Display 12.1 Inch Touch Screen
Sample types Whole blood、PLT only、HB only、 Capillary predilution、 Diluent、Control、Calibrator
Sample volume Prediluted: 20pL
Whole blood: 10pL
Carryover WBC<0.5%,RBC<0.5%,HGB<0.5%,PLT<0.8%
Mult-language Chinese、English for optional
Others can be customized
Data storage capacity Up to 100,000 results including numeric and graphical information
Printout External Laser printer/Inkjet printer, various printout formats and user-defined formats
Operating Environment Temperature:10-35℃
Power Requirement AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Dimension Instrument:532mmx400mmx520mm
Package: 696mmx576mmx696mm
Weight Net:28KG Gross:32KG