DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet Extractor

DW-SXT-02 Soxhlet Extractor is for labs to make Soxhlet extraction, designed in accordance with the classical Soxhlet extraction method. This apparatus is reasonably designed, provides stable performance, high precision, time-saving operation, is an ideal Soxhlet extraction apparatus for foodstuff, oil&fat, feedstuff and other industries.


  • Take water bath to heat, providing more even warming;
  • Solvent for extraction can be recovered and used repeatedly;
  • Extraction duration can be set up at random, alarm when time is out.

Technical Parameters

Measurement range for extract samples like cereals, feedstuff, oily seed, soil, etc.
Sample number 2/batch
Capacity of extraction flask 500ml/per
Sample amount 0.5-20g/per
Temp. range ambient+5℃~100℃
Power 220V+10V, 50Hz
Heating power 300W
Dimensions(mm) 750×360×550
Weight 16kg