DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler GC Accessories

DW-EXPEC236 full-automatic headspace sampler is a pretreatment device that puts the sample to be tested in a sealed constant temperature system for gas-liquid or gas-solid balance, and sends the balanced components to be tested to chromatographic analysis. Based on the new design of static headspace pressurization technology, it realizes the solvent-free and efficient extraction of liquid samples and solid samples.

DW-EXPEC236, with the functions of automatic leak detection/multiple extractions/multiple injections, is simple to operate and convenient to maintain, thus improving the pretreatment efficiency of complex samples in all directions, capable of meeting the testing needs of various industries such as environment, cosmetics, materials, justice, health, petrochemical, tobacco and food.

The instrument is mainly composed of an automatic sampling system, a headspace analysis system, and a data recording and processing system. The sample to be tested, after being placed in the sample position, is grabbed to the injection position by XYZ three-axis sample injector. After the sample is heated and pressurized for a certain time, the automatic injection process is controlled by the system.

Composition of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler System
Composition of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler System

Basic principles of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler

Headspace injection is a convenient and quick sample pretreatment method in gas chromatography. The principle is that the sample to be tested is placed in a closed container, and the volatile components are volatilized from the sample matrix by heating, reaching equilibrium in gas and liquid (or gas and solid) phases, and the top gas is directly extracted for chromatographic analysis, so as to analyze the composition and content of volatile components in the sample. Headspace sampling technology can avoid tedious sample pretreatment process, avoid the interference of organic solvents on analysis, and reduce the pollution to chromatographic column and injection port.

Features of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler

  1. High sample throughput
  2. Full inert treatment of the flow path
  3. Full process high temperature design
  4. Machine reinforcement design
  5. Any combination
  6. Precision control
  7. Easy to operate
  8. Function assistant

Applications of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler

Can be used with GC/GC-MS

For Medicine, cosmetics, public security investigation, environmental science, energy, material science, light industry packaging, food science, etc.


Specifications of DW-EXPEC236 Full-automatic Headspace Sampler

Sample coolingDouble cooling position design
Temperature settingRoom temperature +5℃~300℃
Transmission line temperatureRoom temperature +5℃~300℃
Valve box temperatureRoom temperature +5℃~300℃
Priority position3 positions
Pressure controlEPC control
Quantitative volume0.1mL, 0.5mL, 1mL and 3mL for option
Calibration functionWith automatic calibration function
Leak detection modeAutomatic leak detection
Automation formXYZ three-coordinate form
System functionInstrument alarm, maintenance log, etc.
Auxiliary function5-stage sample oscillation function/overlapping heating/multiple extractions
Repeatability1.5% RSD
Transmission lineConnected with GC injection port to realize tool-free quick disassembly and 360° protection sleeve
Gas typeNitrogen/Helium
Communication modeLAN
Operating power supplyAC 220V±10%/50Hz