DW-E/F Floor Weighing Scale(1g/10g)

  • Stable weighing system
  • LED display
  • Full range tare & Counting, unit conversion functions
  • Set mini-weighing by users, and choose the suitable interface 
  • Stainless steel large scale with sprayed carbon steel base
  • Optional RS232 can connect with PC and other instruments

Specifications of DW-E/F Floor Weighing Scale

Model DW-60E DW-100E DW-150E DW-200E DW-300E DW-500E DW-60F DW-100F DW-150F
Max capacity 61kg 110kg 160kg 210kg 310kg 510kg 61kg 110kg 160kg
Resolution 10g 50 1g
Repeatability ±30g ±150 ±3g
Linearity ±50g ±250 ±5g
Resp. Time 3sec
Temp Range +5…+35℃
Sensitivity Drift ±3ppm/℃
Pan size 400*500mm/450*600mm 600*800mm 400*500mm
Line Voltage 220V/60Hz