DW-5210A Large Capacity Floor Type Rotary Evaporator

The novel floor type evaporator adopts big sized rotating flask to increase the evaporation area. With flask rotating in heated water bath under vacuum condition, the liquid material in flask evaporates fast.This series big sized rotary evaporator is an ideal instrument for drying, concentration, and recovery experiments in pharmaceutical, chemical, colleges, scientific research laboratories and other industries.


  1. Big LCD screen with menu interface and multi-functional operation system; rotary switch easy to operate.
  2. Unattended mode with safe operation function, which is in stop mode after the experiment, with automatic lifting function to standby mode and protection alarm function. (50L does not have this feature)
  3. Humanized design: vacuum controller and diaphragm pump can be put in the space under shelf; universal wheels with lockable casters and positioning device, which makes the equipment steady and easy to move.
  4. Sealing is made up of imported PTFE and special compounds by special technique, which has good sealing, anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistance and good durability.
  5. Pressure valves ensure continuous receiving and discharge without affecting the system pressure and distillation process.
  6. Safety protection function in over-current, overload and fuses; dry heating preventer; outage in unit exception or over temperature and alarming standby function.
  7. Intermittent positive and negative rotating function with timer (0-60s ) for drying process of powder materials.
  8. Integral heating bath with Teflon coating, which is easy to clean, anti-corrosive and high temperature resistant as well. Furthermore, it can also prevent cross-infection in experiments.
  9. Vertical condenser with big condensation area and fast evaporation speed, which is easy to install as well.
  10. Automatic lifting function with safety distance setting, which can be easily lifted smooth and steady.

Technical Parameter

Model DW-5210A
Lift Automatic lifting with lifting length of 150mm
Rotating Speed 10-130rpm/min
Evap. Capacity Max.3.5L/min (H2O)
Temp. range/precision Microcomputer PID controller; LCD Screen; Water Bath:RT.-99℃±1℃
Bath Material Integral 304 stainless steel heating bath, which is anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant and easy to clean.
Bath Size Φ35*22cm
Positive&Negative Rotating Intermittent positive and negative rotating function with timing function (0-60s) for drying process of powder samples.
Heater Power 3.5KW
Flask Volume 5-10L
Condenser Vertical integral 3-layered coil condenser with big condensation area and fast evaporation speed, which is easy to install as well.
Feeder Valve type feeding pipe equipped with tetrafluoroethylene pipe and water retaining ring.
Sealing Imported PTFE and special complex compounded with special technique, which ensures good sealing and improves the anti-corrosion and durability property.
Condense Area 0.18㎡
Environment Temp. 5℃~40℃
Factory Configuration 95# Flange mouth Rotating Flask 10L*1
Receiving Flask 5L*1
Total Power 3.8KW
Input AC220V/50HZ
Size&Weight Product Size 106*55*170cm/
G/W 95KG