DW-52 Series of Water Bath Rotary Evaporator


  1. Main metal parts are made of stainless steel and rust-proof aluminium alloy.
  2. Elegant appearance with compact structure design.
  3. Practical and durable to use.
  4. The sealing system is made of fluoro rubber and imported PTFE material; combined with glass spindle, which is durable and without slag droppings.
  5. Water bath with a temperature range from room temperature to 99 ℃.
  6. Protection function: heater stop heating in over-temperature condition.
DW-52 Series Of Water Bath Rotary Evaporator

Technical Parameter

Model DW-52CS DW-52CS-1 DW-5203
Lift Manual sliding lifting with length of 150mm Rotary lifting with lifting length of 150mm Strut-press lifting with length of 150mm
Rotating Speed 0-150rpm/min 0-130rpm/min;
Rotation control Rotary stepless control stepless control; digital display
Evap. Capacity / Max.0.18L/min  (H2O) Max.0.21L/min  (H2O)
Temp. range/precision Auto control; digital display;  Water Bath:RT.-99℃±1℃
Bath Material Integral Teflon bath stainless steel heating bath with outer heater
Bath Size Φ22*11.5cm Φ24.5*15cm Φ26*15cm 
Vacuum NO NO NO
Heater Power 1KW
Flask Volume 0.25-2L 0.25-3L
Environment Temp. 5-40℃
Condenser Cold trap Vertical Dual-reflux coil condenser
Condense area / 0.15㎡ 0.31㎡
Feeder Valve type feeding pipe equipped with tetrafluoroethylene pipe and water retaining ring
Sealing Imported PTFE and special complex compounded with special technique, which ensures good sealing and improves the anti-corrosion and durability property.
Factory Configuration 24# eggplant Rotating Flask 500ml*1
Ball mill mouth Receiving Flask:250L*1
24# standard mouth Rotating Flask 3L*1
Receiving Flask:2L*1
24# standard mouth Rotating Flask 3L*1
Receiving Flask:2L*1
Input AC220V/50HZ
Size&Weight Pack size:
G/W 20KG
Product size: 71*31*91cm
Pack size:
69*46*42cm+43*37*32cm; G/W 23+6KG
Product size: 79*40*83cm
Pack size:
77*51*47cm+43*37*32cm; G/W 25+6KG
Product size: 79*45*86cm