Crude Oil Centrifuge TDL-5Y

Crude oil centrifuge is designed for assay of the water and sediment in the crude oil. It can meet the requirement of GB/T6533-86, using centrifugal separation method to determine assay the water and sediment in crude oil. It is ideal equipment for the oil industry and scientific research in separating water.

Technical Parameters

Model TDL-5Y
Power 110/220V 50Hz
Max speed 5000r/min
Speed Accuracy ±30rpm
Max RCF 4390xg
No.1 Swing Rotor 28×10ml
No.2 Swing Rotor 8×50ml
No.3 Swing Rotor 4×100ml
Temp Range 10°C-80°C
Timer Range 0~99min
Noise <68dB(A)
Weight (without Rotor) 100kg
Dimensions 725×580×460mm(L×W×H)