7200r/min MiniStar Centrifuge (2000xg RCF, 6×1.5ml Capacity)

  • MiniStar Centrifuge is a classic American design of the individual mini-centrifuge, the history of the United States has more than 20 years, is the world’s first personal mini-centrifuge, the world has more than 10 million units.
  • Power supply design patented broadband, triple switch design, UV and flame retardant materials, the real line with globalization and the CE, UL standards. A variety of rotor designs to meet different needs.

Features of MiniStar Centrifuge

1. Appearance: Streamlined product design, small size, elegant, classic and practical;

2. Materials and processes: high-quality UV and flame-retardant composite materials, combined with modern production technology and strict quality assurance system to ensure high product quality;

3. Safety design: The design and triple flip switch function switch, opening the lid that automatically stops; cover the use of high-strength composite materials that can withstand800 kilograms serious impact is not easy to break, in line with CE, UL safety standards;

4. Motors: the use of aviation-specific micro brushless DC motor, low noise, maintenance-free, to ensure the product is durable;

5. Voltage: The power the world’s most advanced broadband technology, input voltage 85V ~ 245V more applicable, common throughout the world, run quality assurance;

6. Functions: special shape designed to effectively deliver turned from 0.2ml to 5ml of the use of a random configuration of two rotors and two sets of adapters, the real use of a machine;

7. Products are full-color series, to achieve freedom with color, so that the product is not only classic and practical, and fun to add bright color lab.

Specifications of the Product

Model DW-MiniStar
Power Input 85 ~ 250V/50HZ
Maximum speed 4500/7200( optional from the 2 choices)
Maximum centrifugal force 2000xg
Rotor 6 × 1.5/2.0ml, 0.5/0.2ml tube, 2 × 8 × 0.2ml, 6 * 5ml
Packing Size 150 × 180 × 120mm
Weight 1.5kg