7200r/min MiniStar Centrifuge (2000xg RCF, 6×1.5ml Capacity)

  • MiniStar Centrifuge is a classic American design of the individual mini-centrifuge, the history of the United States has more than 20 years, is the world’s first personal mini-centrifuge, the world has more than 10 million units.
  • Power supply design patented broadband, triple switch design, UV and flame retardant materials, the real line with globalization and the CE, UL standards. A variety of rotor designs to meet different needs.

Features of MiniStar Centrifuge

1. Appearance: Streamlined product design, small size, elegant, classic and practical;

2. Materials and processes: high-quality UV and flame-retardant composite materials, combined with modern production technology and strict quality assurance system to ensure high product quality;

3. Safety design: The design and triple flip switch function switch, opening the lid that automatically stops; cover the use of high-strength composite materials that can withstand800 kilograms serious impact is not easy to break, in line with CE, UL safety standards;

4. Motors: the use of aviation-specific micro brushless DC motor, low noise, maintenance-free, to ensure the product is durable;

5. Voltage: The power the world’s most advanced broadband technology, input voltage 85V ~ 245V more applicable, common throughout the world, run quality assurance;

6. Functions: special shape designed to effectively deliver turned from 0.2ml to 5ml of the use of a random configuration of two rotors and two sets of adapters, the real use of a machine;

7. Products are full-color series, to achieve freedom with color, so that the product is not only classic and practical, and fun to add bright color lab.

Specifications of the MiniStar Centrifuge

Model DW-MiniStar
Power Input 85 ~ 250V/50HZ
Maximum speed 4500/7200( optional from the 2 choices)
Maximum centrifugal force 2000xg
Rotor 6 × 1.5/2.0ml, 0.5/0.2ml tube, 2 × 8 × 0.2ml, 6 * 5ml
Packing Size 150 × 180 × 120mm
Weight 1.5kg