What is Flame Photometer?

A flame photometer refers to a clinical laboratory analytical instrument based on emission spectroscopy, used to determine the concentration of certain metal ions, including potassium(K), sodium(Na), lithium(Li), calcium(Ca) and barium(Ba). The basic principle of the flame photometer is to use flame as the excitation light source and apply a photoelectric detection system to measure the radiation intensity emitted when the excited element returns from the excited state to the ground state. Judge the element type and content based on its characteristic spectrum and lightwave intensity. It is mainly composed of a light source, a light splitting system, and a detection system. The flame photometer has been widely used in medical and clinical, agriculture, industry, food, etc.

The FP series flame photometer is a newly designed instrument, which uses LPG burning gas as fuel. It has the advantages of small size, simple structure, convenient operation, stability, and reliability. The machine adopts a liquid crystal display, and keyboard operation, and can store up to 10 points of a standard curve and 200 sets of test data.


Features of Flame Photometer

  1. USB Interface(Except FP640)
  2. LPG as burning gas
  3. Direct concentration read-out
  4. Measuring range adjustable
  5. 7 inch LCD touch screen
  6. Automatic Calculation of correlation coefficient (Except FP640)
  7. Pre-selection of flame sizes
  8. Flameout protection device
  9. Measuring range changing
  10. Air compressor including

Application of Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer is widely used in agricultural fertilizer, soil analysis, cement analysis, analysis and determination of silicic acid industry; clinical laboratory and pathological research of medical and health.

1) Testing of building materials such as cement, glass, ceramics, and refractory materials;

2) Testing of fertilizer and soil;

3) Testing of mining, petroleum, metallurgical and chemical products;

4) Testing of foods such as pharmaceuticals and beverages;

5) Testing of municipal solid waste;

6) Tests for various experiments in scientific research, health, teaching and other fields.


Specification of Flame Photometer

item element Model
  DW-FP640 DW-FP6410 DW-FP6430 DW-FP6431 DW-FP6440 DW-FP6450
Sensitivity K 0.01ppm
  Na 0.01ppm
  Li —— optional 0.1ppm —— 0.1ppm
  Ca —— —— —— 2ppm 2ppm
  Ba —— —— —— —— —— 6ppm
Range K 0-100ppm
  Na 0-160ppm
  Li —— optional 0-100ppm —— 0-100ppm
  Ca —— —— —— 0-1000ppm 0-1000ppm
  Ba —— —— —— —— —— 0-3000ppm
Linearity K 0.195ppm(0.39-3.12)ppm
  Na 0.69ppm(1.15-9.2)ppm
  Li —— optional 0.15ppm(0.25-5)ppm —— 0.15ppm(0.25-5)ppm
  Ca —— —— —— 3ppm(5-100)ppm 3ppm(5-100)ppm
  Ba —— —— ——- —— —— 9ppm
Repeatability 1 % CV for 20 consecutive samples
Respond time <8s
Sample uptake <6L/min
Weight N.W : 18kg    G.W.: 22kg
Package Dimension 770 x 560 x 390mm   0.168M3

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