TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge Product
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge DRAWELL
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge in China
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge Product
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge DRAWELL
TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge in China

4000r/min TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge (2680xg RCF, 4x50ml Capacity)

  • TD4Z-WS is suitable for routine sample analysis in medical, hospital, pathology and institutional laboratories.
  • With a wide variety of accessories, they can be also used for the preparation of samples in industrial and research laboratories.
  • Optional Accessories:
  • 1. Swing rotor
  • 2. Angle rotor
  • 3. Adaptor

Features of TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge

  1. The shell adopts a steel structure, which is simple-compact, light-weight and low-noise.
  2. Digital display and adopt control system realizing microprocessor control, it control rotate speed, relative centrifuge force.
  3. Maintenance-free brushless motor, speed range 0~4000rpm, accuracy ±
  4. The centrifugal speed and centrifugal force are adjusted to 10rpm / 10 step by step ± g. Time control: 0-99 minutes.
  5. Stainless steel cavity, sturdy structure, suitable for continuous use, inflatable spring, easy opening of the cover, automatic locking of the cover to ensure safety.
  6. Equipped with door protection, over speed and advanced electronic imbalance detection system, which can monitor the centrifuge process in real-time to ensure the safe operation of the instrument.


Specifications of the Product

Model TD4A-WS
Max Speed 4000r/min
Speed Accuracy ±30rpm
Max RCF 2680×g
Timer Range 0~99min
Motor Brushless DC motor
Motor Power 250W
Acceleration/Deceleration Rate 0~9 grade
Noise ≤55dB(A)
Power Supply AC220V & 110V 50Hz 5A
Dimension 500×360×265mm(L×W×H)
Weight 20kg



No.1 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:12×10ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg
No.2 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:18×10ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg
No.3 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:12×15ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg
No.4 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:24×10ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg
No.5 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:4×50ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg
No.6 Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:6×50ml AR
Max RCF:2680xg


Product Display

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▶ Products can be customized according to your requirements; OEM service available with customers’ brand.
* Generally the machine can use 5~10 years for average even longer if you use it properly.


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